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General Rules To Follow For Trading

posted Aug 07, 2010 20:27:03 by Thalia
Hopefully, we'll not abuse the benefit of fewer restrictions; in other words, as long as everyone abides by the few rules we have, there's no need to create additional ones~!

1. Trading hacked pokemon will NOT be tolerated. Please be honest in your trades, and trade pokemon only of equal value in both trainer's eyes. If both trainers agree, the trade is considered fair. In this sense, you cannot "take back" a trade once it is fulfilled, unless you have been given a fake pokemon.

2. Do not pester each other to trade. Oftentimes, one may feel desperate to trade for a certain pokemon, yet that's no excuse to harass the one who has it. Only if both trainers agree can a trade be considered fair.

3. "Two-For-One" trades are not permitted.

Well, that's all~! Thanks for reading the rules. ^^
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